The Soft Sensual Hands of Luna

I am happy to finally be back to shooting all new clips, and I’m very pleased to have Luna to kick things off! Luna is mostly known as a fetish model. A true goddess in the foot fetish and tickling world. But in this scene, she performs an awesome handjob clip, one of only a few she’s been in to date. You wouldn’t know it though. Because Luna’s natural handjob skills is a true exhibition of her innate sensuality. Her soft hands glide up and down the slippery lubed cock, twisting and turning with just the right grip, allowing the softness of her palms and fingers to produce maximum pleasure on the lucky cock. Simply put, this girl knows what she’s doing!! Part way through the clip, we have something for foot and tickle fetishists. Luna positions herself between his legs, and her feet are held up one at a time so we have a good look at her soft bare soles. Then they’re briefly tickled while she continues stroking. Shes’ ticklish, so that was fairly risky! Finally, Luna gets into the pose and continues stroking until the cum covers her hand.

Date: August 8, 2018
Actors: Luna Vera