Tara Tainton – Your Sister Caught You! But Maybe That’s Not Such a Bad Thing…

What?!?! My little brother jerks off to porn mags!??! Whoa! I’m telling mom and dad! What? You don’t want me to? Hmmm… well, MAYBE I won’t if… if you finish what you started: right here, right now, IN FRONT OF ME. Of course, I mean it. Don’t I always? Do it – jerk it – or I’m gonna tell mom and dad about your pervy fetish! So, uh… it’s boobs you like, huh? No wonder, considering this household’s full of big breasted women: like me..

Your older sister Tara Tainton dressed in jeans and a white shirt busts into your bedroom and catches you jacking it. She is initially amused/amazed, but when she finds your magazine full of big titted girls she gets intrigued.
She starts to give you jerk off encouragement, unbuttoning her blouse and talking dirty – when she isn’t distracted by giggling. She starts to blackmail you into jerking off of she’ll tell your parents.
Ends with cum countdown and her asking you to put your dick in her cleavage

Contains: brother/sister roleplay, jerk off encouragement, dirty talk, cleavage tease, blackmail, cum countdown.

Date: August 8, 2018
Actors: Tara Tainton