Princess Berpl – Massage Therapist Tease

You’re an athlete whose insurance hired me, a polite and very professional massage therapist! We’ve been working together quite a bit given your run in with muscle injuries, but this time I have a special medicated gel to help soothe your aches and help heal your toned body. Unfortunately, I’m a complete klutz and manage to spill most of the bottle onto my own body, leaving my clothes see-through and near-stained. Aroused by this humiliating situation I offer you a solution: if you let me use your dryer so that I don’t have to go home before my next client I’ll finish our massage in my knickers! You accept my proposition and before we know it I’m rubbing my panties against your hard-on. And then I remember… you’re supposed to wear gloves with this medicated gel! Now I’m beginning to see things… and your cock… it’s transforming!

Berpl is dressed in tight leggings and a low-cut top as she talks to you about your therapy. After spilling some special gel on her clothes, she decides to strip down and continue the therapy session in her lingerie.
The gel is having an effect on her mood, and you hear her thoughts as she gets hornier but tries to stay professional.
After rubbing her pussy on your towel-covered cock she gives in to her lust, takes her bra off and starts to fuck you.
After orgasming, she applies more of the massage gel, but it has additional side effects – your dick is transformed to be big, red and bulbous.
Berpl is happy with the change, and proceeds to get a creampie from your newly transformed cock.

Contains: big tits, dirty talk, mind control elements, virtual sex, frottage, dildo, transformation, creampie.

Date: August 5, 2018
Actors: Princess Berpl