Princess Berpl – Black Cat Takes What She Wants

Black Cat thinks you stole a precious “family heirloom” and brings you to her lair to punish you! She catches on quickly that not only are you not the thief, but you also have a huge crush on her! So she decides to play a bit of a cat and mouse with you before taking exactly what she wants from you.

Princess Berpl dressed as Black Cat – including facemask, white wig and tight lycra top – has caught you and is interrogating you. She quickly decides you have committed no crime and proceeds to seduce you. She uses dirty talk and masturbates to orgasm.
Then she gets a dildo which she says is ‘your’ cock. This cock then fucks her and gives here a creampie, then follows up with a titjob with more fake cum that she spreads on her face and chest.
Ends with her putting the dildo in her ass and giving herself an anal creampie.

Contains: superhero cosplay, solo girl, dirty talk, masturbation, dildo, fake cum, creampie, anal creampie,

Date: August 5, 2018
Actors: Princess Berpl