Lilcanadiangirl – Babysitter Fucks You

Even though you’re an adult your parents still feel you are too incompetent to stay home alone. You get dropped off at your babysitters and shes a little annoyed she has to babysit you but shes still nice about it. Tonight shes getting ready for a date! You notice shes wearing some pretty slutty clothes. She does her makeup a bit and then asks if you want to practice being her date. After conversing back and forth she notices you have a boner! She thinks its a little weird but then has this idea.. Maybe she can practice on you before she goes on her date.
You get your cock out and she is surprised at how big it is. She gives you a nice blowjob and then decides to go all the way with you. She takes off her shorts and moves her pretty pink thong to the side. She fucks you doggy style and her ass bounces up and down on your dick. She turns around and you face each other for a bit. You can tell she is really enjoying your cock. She goes back to doggy style and tells you to cum inside her.. let it all out inside her pussy. When she slides off your cock, your cream pie starts dripping out of her. She thanks you for letting her practice on you.

Lilcanadian girl is your baby sitter. She is dressed in a tube top, denim shorts and knee-high socks. She is getting ready for her date tonight, but when she notices your dick, she decides she can practice with you.
She starts by giving a dildo (you) a blowjob, before taking off her shorts and moving to doggy style and then missionary.
Ends with fake internal cum shot and creampie which she plays with for a while.

Contains: babysitter roleplay, dirty talk, dildo, virtual sex, blowjob, doggy style, missionary, creampie.

Date: August 8, 2018
Actors: lilcanadiangirl