Kitty LeRoux – BDSMommy: My Son Owns Me

Mommy and dirty talk, virtual sex with blowjob, missionary, ends with “facial”, “creampie”.

“You have an important presentation at school tomorrow, but you’re woken up by slapping sounds coming from your mother’s room. When you find her, your curvaceous mom is spanking herself with a crop, clad in lingerie. As you listen you are so turned on at what she’s doing. After gagging herself, she spots you in the doorway. “Sweetie! It’s not what it looks like!” She hides behind a pillow and her first mistake is giving you completely ridiculous reasons for what she was just doing. Her second mistake is letting you hold the crop. It’s late- your tired, your stressed- and your horny. She’s shocked when you start using the crop on her massive tits whenever she’s lying to you. After quite a few tit-slaps, you mom confesses that right before your father left her, they were just getting into kinky things and she’d rest like a baby after being spanked and serving him! You suggest that you can be the man of the house now- and she disagrees…but she slowly breaks as you continue to spank her and tease her with the leather- plus…her pussy doesn’t lie- when you grab it, it’s hot and it’s soaked. Almost too easily, she bends over. Any time she’s unsure if she should be doing this with you, the bite of the crop reminds her that she desperately needs this- and she’s a desperate little subby slut for you. After bit more funishment, and she easily calls you, “Master” and agrees that you own her now. You’ll spank her huge ass, and you’ll get serviced by her bright pink lips. She’s not sure- but realizes it feels too good to stop. She can’t say no to you. Once you cum all over her face (“Sweetie, I never even let your father do this!” ) you find that you’re still hard and command her to get on the bed. You’re going to fill her pussy and mark her as your subby slut. She begs you to own her holes, as they are yours now”

Date: August 8, 2018
Actors: Kitty LeRoux