Aria Faye – Labor In Bed

You wake up in bed with a tight/small t-shirt and panties. You are so tired being so far into your pregnancy. Your giant belly and growing tits wear you out all the time. You wake up and decide you need to start your day… but your belly is too heavy. You grunt, struggle, and groan a lot trying to heave you pregnant body out of bed, but it just won’t let you. You get frustrated by this, but then you start getting some kicks, really strong kicks that surprise you. The kicks haven’t been this pronounced before. At first you like the feeling, but after a couple you get a little worried. You take off your shirt and panties to get more comfortable. Just then you feel a contraction, your belly gets tight and it hurts but you are able to manage it with breathing. You hope it’s just a Braxton hicks contraction but another one comes on a little more painful. You start to get worried and then your water breaks. It’s the real deal, you need to go to the hospital. You are worried now because you still can’t get out of bed. You struggle, grunt, and groan. Trying harder to get out of bed but still can’t seem to life your heavy pregnant body. After trying to get up you get hit with more contractions. You go back and forth between trying to get up and doing Lamaze through contractions. You end the video with deciding you are just going to have to give birth in bed as you start to push.

Date: August 8, 2018
Actors: Aria Faye