Aaliyah Taylor in Blackmailing My Cheating Mom

Scene One: Evidence

“My husband doesn’t even compare” Aaliyah tells her best friend about cheating on her husband. You walk in on your mom and ask for some money for a new video game. Aaliyah gets angry at you and yells at you to leave. Later that day you even catch her talking to her boyfriend on the phone. Don’t worry, you’ll get your revenge.

Aaliyah, wearing a slutty red dress, is on the phone again setting up a date with her mystery man when you walk into the room and show her your phone. Pictures of her with her boyfriends cock in her ass. “Is that what I think it is!” Aaliyah screams. “What’s it going to take to delete these pictures?” She asks thinking you want money. You touch her breasts and she knows something bad is going to happen. “No, no, you don’t need to do this”

You force her to the floor to jerk and suck your cock. “This is what you want? You want your mother to do this?” She asks, horrified that she has to suck you off. You make her deepthroat all the way down before bending her over the couch and fucking her from behind. Your not nice to her at all, using your strong arms to slap her face and make her do what you want. She gasps as you ram your wet cock into her tight ass. “It feels so good” She moans. Grabbing her by the hair you pull her over to you and cum in her slutty mouth. “You better delete those pictures” She warns you, swallowing and gasping for breath.

Scene Two: Breaking Mommy

“I broke up with my boyfriend” Aaliyah says calling you into her room. She tells you how much better a fuck you are than him or your father. She smiles at you “Let me suck that cock of yours, let mommy suck it for you.” Her warm lips wrap around you and she says “I want you to cum on mommys pussy.”

She gets on top of you and bounces on your hard cock. Her pussy feels amazing as she takes control and whores herself out to you. She slides you in her tight warm ass and fucks you. Pushing her down to the bed you take control and destroy her. “Oh son, fuck that ass. You’re such a naughty little boy” She moans cumming on your big dick over and over until you shoot a hot load all over her pussy. Aaliyah licks her son’s creampie out of her pussy and smiles in delight at how slutty she is.

Date: August 5, 2018
Actors: Aaliyah Taylor